Using Google Maps to Research Local Businesses

The internet has brought us lots of advancements when it comes to technology. It allows us to connect devices inside of our home, stream live sporting events, and even browse through thousands of movie, streaming them to our phone or TV within minutes, sometimes seconds. Another thing it’s done: make researching any business 100x easier.

Take local business research for instance. If your garage door breaks down and you need to find a garage door repair Chandler Arizona company, you used to look through the Yellow Pages and find a company. You were at the mercy of any type of company taking out an advertisement. These days, garage door repairs Chandler AZ companies can be researched online, so you can see their previous work done, other garage door repair Chandler, Arizona jobs, as well as unbiased reviews on the work they’ve done.

If you really start to think about this, it’s an unprecedented advancement in the way we shop for many things, including service-based local businesses. Of course, it doesn’t just stop there, but it’s one of the biggest places we see the difference. Before, the media was one of the only other outlets to get our information. Newspapers, news stations on TV, etc. Now we have hundreds of thousands of blogs and information outlets, as well as review sites.

These review sites attract advertisers, but they simply can’t hide these days if they’re doing shady work. Reviews are left, and word spreads faster than ever. This is fantastic for the businesses that do great work, extremely challenging for the shady ones, which benefits that consumer so much more. They get to vote for the best companies with their dollars, instead of guessing and not being sure until they compare companies.

Where will the industry go next? We’re not so sure, but now is a phenomenal time to research companies you’re looking to hire online. Heck, it’s how we found our search engine optimization company that helps us get the word out about ourselves. Researching and hiring the right service based business can do wonders.

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