Understanding The Benefits Of Using Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime subscription has become synonymous with free shipping, free two day delivery and even access to Amazon instant video. However, there are definitely more reasons why over twenty million users choose to maintain a subscription with this invaluable service.

To which end, this article is designed to facilitate for clearly understanding the benefits of using Amazon Prime that overlap the listed perks:

Unlimited photo files cloud storage

Each Prime member opens his/her account with 5GB worth of free storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. This of course takes into account video files, music files, photos as well as other documents you may wish to upload on Cloud Drive. To make things even better, as a Prime member your storage limit can expand to permit the unlimited storage of your photo files. Essentially each and every photo you have uploaded or plan to do so in the future are not counted on you cloud storage limit.

Kindle eBook rental service

All Amazon Prime members that make use of a Kindle e-Reader, Fire tablet or phone can be able to rent eBooks completely at no cost at all from the Kindle Owners’eBook lending library. It is important to note that all books available for renting do not come with any due dates. They can also be shared on all the devices that might be connected with your Amazon Prime account.

Advertisement free music streaming

If you are in the habit of frequently listening to music online, then the Prime music service can be exactly what the doctor ordered. Amazon retains a colossal online music library that features more than 1 million songs and music albums. All of which are conveniently made available to Prime subscribers at no cost at all. By subscribing for this service you can also rest assured of accessing ad free streaming, unlimited skips and handcrafted playlists. If the latter is not up to your liking you can create your very own playlists.

Prime subscription sharing

You can also be able to share your Amazon Prime account with a maximum of four other people. This allows them to utilize all your free shipping perks without accessing your account directly. The only requirement for them to use this benefit is that they should live in the same physical address as you do, which basically equates to your family members. Hope this article on understanding the benefits of using Amazon Prime has been insightful.

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