How to Research Hiring a Wedding DJ Locally

When it comes to your wedding, there are so many decisions to make! From the venue to the guest list to themes, colors, flowers, food, and more, the list goes on and on. A Williamsburg winery wedding included.

Most people choose to have a wedding DJ over a band for their big day, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they play the music, but they are also frequently able to MC as well, introducing the bridal party and announcing the special dances (father of the bride and daughter dance, etc.).

If you’re looking for local wedding DJs, you’re going to have to do some research! Not to worry, because we’ve got you covered on this front. We’ve put together everything that you need to know in order to find the perfect DJ for your wedding. Ready to get started? Let’s do it!

Ask People You Know

One great way to research a DJ (before you take to the Internet, wedding sites, and the Yellow Pages) is to ask people you know! You may be able to find some truly wonderful DJs in this way (and steer clear of the less desirable candidates). Any individual who is good at what they do will immediately come to mind for friends and family and they may be able to give you great recommendations for DJs! Start off your research by asking people you know for recommendations.

Go Online and Assemble a List

When researching DJs, it helps to figure out what your local options are by going online. Many DJs have sites and landing pages because many of the weddings that they book come from initial online research by interested parties. They’ll have all the information about them listed on their site– their specialties, whether they sing or not, what type of music they have available, what their tech systems are, whether they do hosting as well, and much more information.

Consider Experience

One factor when it comes to hiring a local DJ that many people forget is their experience level! Some DJs have been doing this for years, while others are relatively new to it. Remember that many DJs who have been doing this for a long time are relatively reliable, but some may be jaded when it comes to DJing. Beware the wedding DJ who seems checked out and try to narrow your choices down to DJs that seem enthusiastic!

Some Last Tips for Hiring Wedding DJs:

– Make sure that the DJ has references you can contact or ask people about their opinion of the DJ before signing on the dotted line.
– Don’t hire a DJ that is known to drink during weddings– your wedding or the wedding of a loved one could be a disaster.
– A seasoned DJ may be a better choice than a fresh DJ who has only one wedding under their belt because they know the routine inside and out.

After your research is done, narrow your list down and interview your top three choices further. Don’t go with a charming DJ right off the bat; give yourself time to evaluate and think it over. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to find a great DJ for the wedding.

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