HOA Management: What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Company

Before hiring a HOA management company, there are several things homeowner’s associations need to know in order to ensure that the company hired is in a position to provide the much needed quality services. City Property has for a long time been providing management services to the satisfaction of its clients. This has greatly influenced the high number of repeat clients witnessed in by company. Here are some of the main things homeowner’s associations need to know about a company before hiring it.

Reviewing Governing Documents

This is where the responsibilities of a given HOA management company are contained. It includes conditions, covenants, easements, restrictions among other written regulations. Reviewing the governing documents enables the homeowner’s committee find out the extent the company can go in delivering its responsibilities and if there exist any limitations. Most governing documents will allow the hiring of a property manager by the board and others may contain specific provisions that authorize the homeowner’s association to hire outside help.

The Scope of Work

Once the governing documents have been reviewed, the board can go ahead and assess as well as create a number of tasks it needs performed by the manager. For instance, the board may say that it only requires assistance in common area repairs and maintenance; also, it might decide that assistance is only required in homeowner’s accounting, rule enforcement, communications with members and dues collection.

Depending on what needs to be done, the homeowner’s association may require on-site managers with consistent hours. Similarly, it may require an offsite company that can perform specific and limited tasks.


Some state rules and regulations require HOA management companies to have certification, registration, license among other credentials. Homeowner’s association’s attorney can help in the determination of what is required by the state. It is advisable to hire companies that have proper licensing. Even when the state doesn’t require certification, it is prudent to ask for some certification from a potential HOA management company.

Insurance and Background Checks

It is advisable to check whether the HOA management company subjects its workers to criminal background checks before hiring them. The checks are police records that show no criminal history and should be updated periodically.

The company’s insurance should also be reviewed and an insurance certificate copy of the company obtained. The homeowner’s association committee should confirm with the insurance agent of the company whether the coverage of the company is adequate.


It is prudent to inquire for referrals from the prospective HOA management company before hiring it. Once the references have been obtained, the hiring committee should consider talking to them together with the current clients to hear what they have to say about the company. This enables the homeowner’s association assess the quality of service delivery of the company and determine whether their mode of operation is fit for them.


This crucial information will help the homeowner’s association understand more about a particular HOA company before hiring it. It will assist in the determination of whether the needs of a certain homeowner’s association can be taken care of by that particular company. This will ensure that the association hires the best available company that can offer remarkable services for a long term relationship.

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